About Me

Mum with Toddler Triplets

Having watched my Dad struggle to make a living from his Photography and eventually having to give it up due to his failing eyesight, I think I made a sub-conscious decision not to pursue Photography as a career path.

I chose to become a Chef and learned my Trade at in a popular fine dining restaurant in the Lake District. I completed my City & Guilds and then headed off traveling around and eventually re-locating to Australia.
My trade served me well for many years before I gradually moved away from the kitchen and somehow ended up with a Diploma of accounting and working in the accounts department of a manufacturing company near Brisbane.
3 years ago I moved on again to begin another vastly different stage of my life, raising Triplets!
So here I am, qualified and experienced both in Catering and  Accounting and yet for some reason I feel that when my 3 rapidly growing Babies head off to School I should be picking up and using a Camera to make a living rather than heading back into the more familiar surroundings of a kitchen or an office.
A lot of the skills that I learned from my Dad are redundant now in this fast moving age of digital Photography, but through all the years I have always had a camera by my side and as technology has moved on I have tried my best to keep up with it.
This Website and Blog will follow my journey, refreshing the skills that I already have and learning as many new skills as I need to achieve the quality and confidence to charge money for my work and hopefully far beyond.
Can I achieve my goal?
Why not follow me and find out.
Do you want to freshen up your own photography skills?
Why not follow me and join in.