A break from “photo a day”

Well, as it turns out, relocating to another State with toddler triplets in tow can take up rather a lot of my time!

I’m currently staying in a hotel with the trio, searching for a more permanent home for us all while hubby goes out to work every day.

Unfortunately this has left no time at all for my “Photo a Day”.

Please be assured that as soon as we are settled into a new home I will pick up the camera again and continue to share the results with you.

In the mean time, I managed to wake up before the little monsters this morning and enjoyed at least 10 minutes of peace while I watched the sun rise over Darwin, I even found time to grab the camera so I could share the moment with you…………..

Darwin Sunrise

Darwin Sunrise


And as the Sun woke up, so did 3 little people.

Here’s Alita catching the last few moments of the sunrise…

Alita watching the Sunrise


Watch this space, I will be back very soon.

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