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Had I known at the start of 2015 that during the year I would be relocating to another state with Triplets and Boxer Dog in tow I might not have started such an intense project as Photo a Day. 

The move to Darwin started as a crazy idea that my husband and I talked about, but the more we talked the more we realised that it was the right thing to do and the crazy idea quickly evolved into a crazy reality that we needed to make happen. 

Back in the old days, we would have just packed up our backpacks and jumped in the car to set off towards our new life, but life is a bit more complicated now and instead of packing our lives into a backpack we needed a 20ft container. 

 Obviously my priority was to make sure the relocation went smoothly for my family, so the Photo a Day challenge unfortunately had to take a back seat.
After many weeks of planning, packing and moving, a month spent in a hotel searching for a new home, finding that new home, moving in and then unpacking…….  things have finally settled down enough for me to start thinking about how I should deal with the Photo a Day  dilemma. 

Do I just pick it up again and continue with a huge gap missing in the middle? I could continue until I had a total of 365 photo’s, but that doesn’t seem quite right to me.

Do I try to “catch up” by taking all the photo’s that I missed whilst also taking the current photo each day? …….well I know I’m crazy but I’m not that crazy………am I?

Do I celebrate the fact that I got as far as I did, call it my “177 day challenge” and find a new way to move forward with sharing my love of photography? I think I like this idea the most.

Do I regret starting the challenge?  Not at all! I now have 177 awesome photo’s that would never have happened if I had not chosen to attempt the challenge. I also have the many hours of extra experience under my belt that otherwise would not have happened.

Do I regret not completing the challenge? If it was due to laziness or lack of effort on my part then I’m sure that there would be some regret, but the fact that I got as far as I did whilst ensuring that my very adorable but demanding  3 yr old Triplets were happy, fed and well looked after is a miracle on its own, the added work involved with moving just tipped the balance too far. I guess it’s like that old saying  “It’s not about winning or losing, it’s the experience of taking part that counts.”  

No Regrets!

Here are a few of my favourite photo’s from the challenge: 

OrangeEqualI found thisEyes10 o'clockClean

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